the final post

Throughout this semester, I have had so much fun thinking of blog ideas and managing my website, Groovy Catz. This has been the most fun I’ve had doing an assignment for school, mainly because we were given full creative control over the kind of content we posted.

I think I could have promoted my website better by being more confident with myself and sharing my site on my personal social media where I have a much bigger and loyal following. I would love to have included a specific area where people can drop song/artist suggestions and others could leave their own reviews and opinions on the suggestions. The best experience I got from running this site was being able to go around campus and meet so many cool students and get more insight into what people my age are listening to. This experience has helped relieve my social anxiety in some ways and it made me realize how fun it can be to just go around and talk to people, even about something as simple as asking them what song they’re listening to. This has helped my outlook on reaching out to people, and will definitely help me in the future when I’m nervous about starting up a conversation.

weekly site statistics from the beginning of my blog until now

My most popular week was September 13-19. I got a total of 19 views and 7 visitors. My most popular post was “expanding your music library” with a total of 9 views, and I think that was the most popular because people were intrigued by different methods and suggestions to discovering new music.

Nothing really struck me as surprising when looking into my site statistics. All of my page visitors were from America, which was expected. I wish I could’ve gotten a little more traction with my site, I think it would’ve been super cool to have had a visitor from another country.

All in all, I loved my experience running this site and I hope to even continue posting in the future. I hope I was able to give a little more insight about the kind of music Texas State University students are listening to, as well as help my fellow Bobcats and blog followers discover new music to add to their playlist.

discovering new music: a photo story

Using Shazam to discover songs playing in public is a real lifesaver
TikTok is a platform that allows for small artists to get quick exposure to a large audience and for music lovers to quickly find new artists and songs to check out
YouTube can be a great place to find new music recommendations
Record stores are a great place to discover new music or find your favorite records
Playing around with Spotify’s features can make for a great user experience and it allows for access to great music

On my previous post, “expanding your music library“, I dove into the different methods I personally use and suggest using for those who are wanting to discover new music.

Most times I find the best songs on accident either being at the right place at the right time or just having a great song come up next on shuffle play. Finding a new song that instantly becomes an “on-repeat” track can be one of the greatest feelings for music lovers. The kind of songs that within the first few seconds, it has you immediately wanting to know the title and the singer so you can add them to your playlist. It’s kind of like a “zing!” feeling when you hear a song and are instantly blown away by it, which is why I’m always scouting for new tunes. I am constantly chasing that “zing!” feeling. 

It’s not that I get bored of the music I already know and listen to, but I just have a drive in me to discover all the great music that’s out there, no matter what genre, language, etc. There is so much incredible work out there waiting to be found and I’ve genuinely made it my mission to try and find as much of it as I can before I die. 

As much as I love discovering music, I love sharing it with people just as much. Making my friends’ playlists or sending them song recommendations is one of my favorite things to do. I express how I feel through music a lot, so when I hear a song that reminds me of a certain person or feeling, I make sure to let them know by sharing the song with them. Music is a universal language that can be enjoyed throughout all cultures despite race, age, gender, sexuality, etc. and that’s what I love the most about music. I hope that by sharing the methods I use, I can help others in their journey to discovering, enjoying, and sharing new music. 

kenlie’s new music finds

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself listening to so much new music. Every day I am constantly on the lookout for new finds, and every day I succeed at finding great new music to add to my playlists. As much as I love the music I find, I think it would be a shame for only me to hear it. Here are my fresh new finds that I think you all will love as much as me, hope you all enjoy it!

1. Rolled Up- Benny Sings, Mac DeMarco

This 2021 release was something I stumbled upon whilst on TikTok. After hearing it, I instantly loved it. It’s a great song to listen to while cruising with the windows down.

2. Feather- Little Dragon

I recently attended a TV Girl concert in Austin and the DJ who was playing the music before the performances had incredible taste. I wanna say I shazammed at least 10 songs while I was there. Now I have loved Little Dragon for a while, but it was my first time hearing this song while at the concert and I was so blown away at how great of a song it was.

3. Payday- Bando., Isaiah Rashad

I was blessed to have had this single release on my birthday this year. This duo absolutely killed it on this track and I’d love to hear more from them two in the future.

4. Backstage Pass- Smino, Monte Booker, The Drums

I’m a fan of the original song “Money” by The Drums, but when I discovered this Smino and Monte Booker spin on the beat, I was so impressed. This is such a perfect blend of two of my favorite genres, rap and indie pop. This has been a repeat ever since I discovered it.

5. SIERRA NIGHTS- Kevin Abstract, Ryan Beatty

Kevin and Ryan compliment each other so well on this track. It has been a while since Kevin’s released new solo projects, so for this to be his 2021 comeback it was definietly a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, we get more music from him soon.

6. Falling Apart- Slow Pulp

Need a song to cry to at night? Then this is the song for you. Slow Pulp never fails to get me in my feels.

7. Titan- Kenny Mason, Angel White

Kenny Mason has been one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made in a while. There is genuinely not one bad song that has come from him, but recently I have had Titan on repeat. I definitely recommend looking into his discography if you’re a fan of rap.


BENEE is such an incredible artist, so when I saw that she was featured on this track I just had to check it out. I was not let down.

9. Life Of The Party- Kanye West, Andre 3000

I have never been so grateful for a Deluxe album release more than Donda. We were gifted with this beautiful track featuring one of my favorite artists Andre Benjamin. I thought this would forever be a lost song when Donda was released and Andre issued a statement that he had worked with Kanye on a song but it sadly didn’t make the final cut in the end, but thankfully Donda Deluxe gave us all the content that hadn’t originally been on the initial release.

10. Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse

Discovered this gem while shopping in a cute little shop in downtown Houston. I have been wanting to listen to more Modest Mouse so finding this song has helped push me into looking more into their stuff.

what txst students are listening to: week 2

Name: Heather

Grade: Junior

Major: Elementary Education

Song listening to: Like Real People Do- Hozier

Song recommendation: Vienna- Billy Joel

Kenlie’s review: I have this song on my studying playlist. It’s super chill and honestly just a really beautiful track🥲 Billy really did his thing with this song. I think he actually said it was one of his favorite songs that he’s done, which I can totally see why. This song is a classic.

Name: Espiranza

Grade: Freshman

Major: Communication Disorders

Song listening to: It’s My Life- No Doubt

Song recommendation: Three Ring Circus- Blue Magic

Kenlie’s review: Another No Doubt song! This is probably my favorite song by them actually. It reminds me of my childhood and going on road trips with my family. The ’70s is my favorite music era, so when she recommended this song and I listened to it for the first time, I instantly loved it. it reminds me of a sunny day at the park.

Name: Stephen

Grade: Junior

Major: Business

Song listening to: Cloud 9- Beach Bunny

Song recommendation: Never Had The Balls- Rex Orange County

Kenlie’s review: I remember first hearing this song on TikTok, and I thought the trend it was attached to was so wholesome! it’s a really cute song😊 My favorite Rex song! Every time this song comes on it puts me in a good mood. I remember when I first heard this song a while back, it was on repeat for the longesttt time haha. I think this is a great recommendation.

Name: Chandler

Grade: Senior

Major: Communication Design

Song listening to: Millennium- Outkast

Song recommendation: Jesus Walks- Kanye West

Kenlie’s review: Omg…Outkast! One of the best musical duos out there. This track from Atliens is one of my favorites. something about when Andre does that “uh uh uh” noise is so satisfying. The College Dropout is such a classic album. I never really listened to this song, but after re-listening to it I realized how good of a song it actually is. Definitely earned its certified gold status.

Name: Brooklyn

Grade: Freshman

Major: Theatre

Song listening to: Streets- Doja Cat

Song recommendation: Chop Chop Slide- Insane Clown Posse

Kenlie’s review: I love Doja Cat so much, I really don’t think she’s ever made a bad song. I love how this song goes from her slow r&b vocals to strong rap verses effortlessly. her pop-rap style is one of the best in the game. This song has recently been trending on TikTok, and I really love the transition videos people have been making to this song. It’s ICP’s take on the cha-cha slide, it’s actually really clever. This is a fun song, especially as it gets closer to Halloween. (be warned there is a lot of strong language)

image drawn by kenlie

what txst students are listening to: week 1

Name: Ava

Grade: Freshman

Major: Criminal Justice

Song listening to: Act Up- City Girls

Song recommendation: anything by Kanye

Kenlie’s review: I think we can all agree that city girls can be a guilty pleasure for us when we’re feeling hype. I love this kind of music when I’m feeling myself or feeling like a girl boss, it can be very empowering. good choice ava😉 I’m a HUGE Kanye West fan so when she recommended anything by Kanye, I knew she had great taste. in the texas state jams playlist I put one of my favorite Kanye oldies (Paranoid from 808’s and Heartbreaks) as well as my favorite track from his most recent album (Remote Control from Donda).

Name: Ryanne

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

Song listening to: Ahora Quien (Salsa Version)- Marc Anthony

Song recommendation: Easily- Bruno Major

Kenlie’s review: I had never heard this particular song by Marc Anthony before, and I genuinely really enjoyed it. it reminds me of the kind of music that plays at my family parties. Despite the depressing lyrics, the salsa beat made me wanna get up and dance. Easily by Bruno major is one of my go-to study songs. I love the chill vibes of it, and it’s a great song to listen to when you’re wanting to be in a more relaxed mood.

Name: Devin

Grade: Freshman

Major: Management

Song listening to: Don’t Speak- No Doubt

Song recommendation: Liz- Remi Wolf

Kenlie’s review: Don’t Speak is such a classic! I hadn’t heard it in such a long time, but when he told me that this is what he was listening to, I got a big wave of nostalgia. Remi wolf has been an artist that I’ve actually been tuning into lately. She has been releasing such good music this year, including her single ‘Liz’ which Devin recommended. It’s definitely a song to listen to while taking a nice walk in the park.

Name: Ella

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Studio Arts

Song listening to: Industry Baby- Lil Nas X

Song recommendation: Halfway Up- The Brook & The Bluff

Kenlie’s review: I love Lil Nas X! His latest album montero was one of my favorite album releases this year. Industry Baby is such a feel-good song, and it always gets me in such a hype mood. I had never heard this song before, and I loved it! This is totally something I would put on a chill playlist and listen to while driving with the windows down. I kind of got some John Mayer vibes from it too, which is a great thing.

Name: Ariana

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

Song listening to: Feels Like Summer- Childish Gambino

Song recommendation: Motion- Khalid

Kenlie’s review: Feels Like Summer is one of my favorite Childish Gambino songs. This kind of sound is my absolute favorite. It’s chill, but it’s also upbeat enough to make it a nice song to wanna dance to. I also really love Donald’s vocals on this track, it’s very unique. Motion is also one of my favorite Khalid songs. His music has such an easygoing vibe, and it makes me want to live my best life while I’m still young enough. This is a great song to listen to while driving at night, 10/10 recommend.

image drawn by kenlie

expanding your music library

image drawn by kenlie

Discovering new music can be a challenging task for those who aren’t sure where to start or for those who are nervous to branch out from music that they’re used to. there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your favorites or current repeats, but have you ever just come across a new song that literally gave you goosebumps the first time you heard it and it instantly became a repeat song? that feeling specifically is honestly what motivates me to keep trying to find new songs everyday.

As someone who is constantly seeking out new music, I think I have some pretty solid advice when it comes to new music discovery. what works for me might not work for you, and that’s completely fine! I mean I wish my advice could work out for everyone but honestly, I just hope that I can at least help one person. without further ado, here are my top 5 suggestions on how to discover new music…

1. Spotify Radios

I’ve found that sticking close to genres and songs that are similar to my favorites is a great way to find new songs. There is a “go to radio” option on spotify that you can use on certain songs or artists and it will curate a whole playlist with songs that have the same vibes. The only downside you may face with this option is that oftentimes you might already know many of the songs that are included in the playlist, but hey sometimes its nice to listen to a new playlist and already know some of the songs on there. I think this is an amazing tool that Spotify has for its users to have quickly curated playlists that hardly disappoint.

2. YouTube Recommendations

I’m someone who loves watching music videos. most times I go to YouTube to watch a music video for a specific song, and end up watching videos to about 10 other songs which I usually always end up putting in my playlists afterwards. The YouTube algorithm is great at suggesting similar videos or videos that are also popular among watchers of another video you might’ve viewed, so it really helps when you’re trying to find new music based on songs you already know you enjoy. This method may not be for everyone because not everyone likes to watch music videos or sit through ads to listen to a song, but it’s just another way that I’m able to find a lot of new music and artists. YouTube playlists for certain genres can also be a great way to find new jams.

this is an ultimate 2000’s indie music playlist curated by YouTube user Doogie that I enjoy listening to

3. TikTok

TikTok is a great app with a ton of creators that either shares their love for music or even create their own music! Not only that, but I have found such good music by the sounds people use in their videos or just trending songs. some of my favorite musictok creators include: @theneedletok @lotousss @annabelleklinee @assortedtapes and @willtalksmusic

and some of my favorite artists that I have found through TikTok are @pinkpantheress @bludetiger @leithross @branmovay and @will.paquin

TikTok has become such a pivotal influence to the music industry. With songs, both old and new, trending and becoming relevant, small creators being able to reach huge audiences quickly, and creators being able to share their music recommendations and reviews, it gives artists and music lovers alike the chance to use a social media platform to their advantage. I have definitely accumulated many great songs through TikTok, and hopefully, you can too.

TikTok creator @annabelleklinee

4. Record Stores

I would consider record stores to be one of the closest things to heaven on earth. The vibes there are always the greatest and it just feels great when you’re surrounded by people who share such a passionate love for music with you. One thing I always make sure to do when I visit a record store is I go around and look for records with lovely cover art or just records that draw my attention in general and I take pictures of them and then I go home and listen to them. I know it seems odd, but I really have found great music this way. As a college student, it’s pretty hard to have the money to just spend on records, so I also love checking out the clearance, bargain, or $1 sections to find records that I can buy and take home to listen to. Waterloo Records in austin is probably my favorite spot, so I totally recommend taking a trip there soon if you haven’t been. Don’t want to drive to Austin to find great records? Don’t worry, some more local record stores in San Marcos include Alchemy Records and Half Price Books.

5. Shazam

Great music is all around you! Shazam is probably one of my top used apps because I’m constantly pulling out my phone to Shazam either in stores, restaurants, or in my friends’ car. Shazam is genuinely one of the greatest apps ever created, especially for someone like me with social anxiety who is too afraid to ask what a certain song is. If you don’t have Shazam downloaded on your phone already, I definitelyyy think you should run to the app store right now and get it.

That concludes my top 5 suggestions for finding new music! I really hope these can assist you on your journey to discovering as much great music as you can find! Good luck bobcats 🙂

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what we’re about

Hello everybody, welcome to Groovy Catz! my name is Kenlie Golleher and I am a 20-year-old sophomore here at texas state university. I am originally from Corpus Christi, tx but I have also lived in Houston, tx and now San Marcos, tx. I am a public relations major with a minor in popular culture.

ever since i was little, music has always been my biggest passion. I remember being around five and always carrying around my Dora the Explorer cd player with Avril Lavigne’s “complicated” playing in my headset on repeat. now, I walk around campus with my AirPods usually listening to Kid Cudi on the bus or in between classes. my taste in music is always growing and expanding, and the older I get the more I am able to take interest in genres I hadn’t listened to before or better appreciate the music I used to complain about.

this blog is based around what current texas state university students are listening to and what music recommendations they have to give to other music lovers.

image drawn by kenlie

i decided to base my blog around what texas state students are listening to because I love being able to hear all the different kinds of songs and genres of music that help people get through their day.

I will either be going up to people and asking them what they’re listening to or I may even hold a sign asking people to come up and talk to me about music.

i hope that by doing this I will be able to expand my blog followers music libraries. maybe we’ll even discover a pattern of popular artists or genres going around the school.

I think a lot of other students are also curious to know what their peers are tuning in to, so hopefully my blog can help with that:)

personally, music is genuinely what has helped me through some of the darkest times of my life, and I know that a lot of people can relate to that statement. below is a video further explaining the psychology that goes into our own preferred music tastes.